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How did you hear about Palwaukee.Com:

Date: Sun, 27 Jun 1999 12:43:49 -0400

All of the millions and millions of dollars spent on Palwaukee Airport over the last ten years is a huge waste of tax dollars. All the airport land should have been developed into TAX PRODUCING retail, commercial and residential entities. Since it is too late for that, it is time to cut the losses. Airplanes are a luxury item for the most part and the users of the airport should pay for the things they want. Wider runways, new hangers, more land and so on. For example, a $100,000 project divided by say 500 tenents would be $200 each. Let the airport raise funds through bond issues or whatever mean they like and charge for its use accordingly. I am a business owner and I have to pay for everything I need or want and must turn a profit. (or at least break even)I am not against the airport but since I don't use it and don't benefit from it, I dont wish to pay for it. ( My lower property value does that!) I don't want to hear about how it benefits Wheeling unless it can be shown in dollar amount, the direct net value to the village and residents. Wheeling has all the liability and very little reward for owning that white elephant. The village is still in a lawsuit by the insurance company of Alberto-Culver for 28 million dollars plus interest and court cost of the 1996 crash. The fact that the residents of the apartments were not harmed is a warning that the next one might not be so "inexpensive."

Tim Oneil - to@aol.com

Date: Sun, 13 Jun 1999 09:34:05 -0400

It always strikes me that people who buy houses next to an airport compalin about the noise just as people who buy a house in a flood plain complain about water in the basement. These same people would be complaining that they lost their jobs because the commerce their company did through the airport was shut down by an ever controlling government. When are people going to take responsibility for themselves and realize that if they dont like airport noise they probably shouldnt have bought near the airport. I've seen the pictures of the airport when it was first built and there were no houses around it. So why are there all these houses by the airport??? Ask the people complaining.

Suggestions: Although the airport seems landlocked I think they should try and acquire some surrounding land to extend the 16-34 runway to make it safer for the larger aircraft utilizing that runway.

John Knoll - Vo Vee Vo@aol.com

Date: Mon, 31 May 1999 13:57:12 -0400

I grew up 1/4 mile off the south end of the main runway. I was awakened twice through my whole 23yrs of sleeping most on the second floor. Those two times were probably pilot choice to make that much noise on takeoff. I am proud of the women and men who operate in and around the airport. Keep up the good work!!!

Philip Pinz - POPTOW@AOL.com

Date: Sun, 2 May 1999 23:10:20 -0400

The Village of Wheeling spent $129,000.00 on a fountain that is not only useless, it cost money to maintain. The Village almost bought a multimillion dollar building that was not needed for a new Village hall. The Village board is considering spending a million dollars of YOUR tax dollars to erect a gateway into Wheeling at the Milwaukee/ Dundee intersection. The Village board needs to spend several thousand dollars on an independant council to determine to what degree of control they have on Palwaukee airport. What is going to happen when Meigs Field closes? Those planes will come to Palwaukee. I like this community. Why not exert control that is our right as owners of the airport. Prospect Heights is leaning to outside council to determine control. Voice your opinion to the Village of Wheeling on the first and third Monday of the month at 7:30 P.M. at Village hall during citizen's comments or watch your property values decrease further as those around O'hare have. Wheeling already has enough obsticles to overcome, why add to the list with an uncontrolled airport? The airport is an asset when properly used and a liability when not regulated.

Jim Jones - anonyomous@xyz.com

Date: Fri, 16 Apr 1999 15:19:04 -0400

To tmollerup@usfreightways.com - You don't want to keep an aircraft at Palwaukee if there are time restrictions. Currently there are about 5 flights a night at Palwaukee between the hours of 10:00 pm and 6:00 am. There is no reason (other than medical emergencies) to justify waking up hundreds of people so someone can use the airport during those hours. Nobody is so inflexible that they can't move their flight 4 hours forward or back. The businesses who have aircraft at Palwaukee are not more important that the residents of the communities. There are at least 74 airports in this country that have nighttime curfews, so certainly if Palwaukee had one it wouldn't be unique. We are not trying to make people lose their jobs. I'll bet if one of your trucks parked in front of someone's home in the middle of the night with the motor running, the police would be called. The towns have noise ordinances for everything else . . . why not aircraft?

To nospamthanks@palwaukee.com - Your email address indicates you work at Palwaukee, so obviously you are not a neutral party. However, you make a good point by suggesting that all sides work together. Without communication and cooperation, there can be no agreement. Reducing nighttime noise so the residents can get uninterrupted sleep is not an outrageous demand. The hours of 10:00 pm to 6:00 am are actually not adequate. Children go to bed much earlier than that, and many people who live near the airport don't have to get up at 6:00 am. So even with a curfew during those hours, there would still be a lot of disturbance to the residents. And your absolutely wrong about the FAA not allowing a curfew. They have allowed curfews at dozens of other airports across the country. Why should they discriminate against Palwaukee?

To int32@ync.nt - You are your wife can sit on your deck and watch the planes before 10:00 pm and after 6:00 am.

suggestions: Fix? you (and) your wife

Jackie Gilbert - jackie_gilbert@hotmail.com

Date: Tue, 6 Apr 1999 21:29:41 -0400

Well I like the airport, the jets and planes taking off are just plain old fun to watch. Me and my wife sit out on are deck and enjoy the view.

Keep it open 24 hours.
Craig - int32@ync.net

Date: Tue, 6 Apr 1999 22:42:50 -0400

I am looking to expand my business by buying an aircraft and keeping it at Palwaukee. However, if there are going to be time restrictions, forget it. An aircraft is a tool that gives businesses flexibility. This would just take that away. Why would you do such a thing as limit the operational times? Is it really

fair to put more traffic at O'hare. Additionally, we have a large trucking terminal next to Palwaukee that provides hundreds of jobs. Again, why would you limit this airport and hurt everyone. What are the people at Palwaukee airport thinking by even asking this question?

I understand there is a wait for hangar space. If this is true, why not build more hangars?
Todd Mollerup - tmollerup@usfreightways.com

Date: Sun, 4 Apr 1999 05:36:52 -0700

Palwaukee Airport is a necessary and valuable piece of the region's transportation infrastructure, not unlike a highway, bridge or harbor. Its operation--like any other airport's--is not simply a local land use issue.

The purpose of federal tax dollars that have been invested in the airport is to provide a benefit to all U.S. citizens, not simply airport neighbors. Degrading the capacity of one segment of a transportation infrastructure degrades the value of the rest of the network as well.

This is the reason that airports like Palwaukee that accept federal tax dollars for airport improvements give up certain rights, making the airport subject to federal controls and not simply local ones.

There is ample precedent on this point, and a study would be an expensive exercise in futility at taxpayer expense. The FAA neither should nor will allow a curfew on as important a general aviation reliever airport as Palwaukee.

None of this is to say that local concerns do not matter. Although pilots are tempted to say "the airport was here first...live with it," this is neither a fair nor a workable response.

All sides, including airport management, airport businesses, airport users, and neighbors should work together, looking for ways to reduce noise and annoyances, increase the value and utility of the airport, preserve the economic impact, and improve the safety or the airport whereever possible.

With goodwill and good faith on all sides, a better, safer, and quieter Palwaukee can result.

PS -- I personally find it a little disingenuous to call a site apparently dedicated to the detriment of an airport by a misleading name implying support of the facility. It's not a terrible thing, I suppose, but it certainly casts a dim light on the fairness and openmindedness of your presentation.
Steve Whitney - nospamthanks@palwaukee.com

Date: Fri, 12 Mar 1999 21:53:25 -0500

It would be foolish for the owners of Palwaukee airport not to force a study to determine the degree of control that the two municipalties legally have on airport operations.

Failure to fund a study could be described as "Asleep at the wheel(ing) with the homeowners of the community riding shotgun."

With the expected increase in airport operations in the next ten years, Happy property values!

And remember, the airport provides zilch in community tax relief.

Date: Tue, 2 Feb 1999 14:04:31 -0500

People should not move to homes near airports when they are well aware of the airport.

Date: Wed, 3 Feb 1999 17:25:55 -0500

The Airport should close at 10:pm
Frank Levine - flevine@ais.net

Date: Fri, 8 Jan 1999 14:07:01 -0500

Palwaukee Airport is a valuable asset to our community and must operate 24 hours a day. The airport has proven to have very safe operations, day and night The next time a person from CASE decides to fly to a destination they might want to think of the support they are giving to the airline they are flying. These aircraft takeoff and land over other populated areas as well. Hmmmm if I didnt want aircraft flying over my head, I dont think I could in good concience support an airline that does exactly what I am against wherever it might be.
Rick Bogoff - AIR891@AOL.COM

Date: Fri, 8 Jan 1999 10:27:34 EST



Date: Fri, 8 Jan 1999 11:02:04 -0600

NO!!!! It should not be closed at night. Palwaukee Airport is part of the national transportation system. It shouldn't even be considered. No one is trying to stop the trains that run at night, trucks on the highways and streets, or automobiles in the neighborhoods. These also make noise and kill many more people than airplanes. It appears to me from what I've seen in the papers there are one or two individuals that have taken it upon themselves to be the saviors of their neighbors, even when they don't need saving with half truths and innuendo.

Loerzel, James (Jim), NPG - jloerzel@att.com

Date: Thu, 14 Jan 1999 19:44:49 -0500

There is no reason to close Palwaukee Airport as suggested.

Arriving aircraft are not loud because the engines are powered back. So why prevent people from coming in at night. As for departures, these are no more intrusive than the train or fire engines which roar throgh town every night. In fact the newer planes are almost as quiet at takeoff as when they land. I have lived in Wheeling for 20 years within the flight path of the main runway and don't have a problem.

Palwaukee is an important community asset which should be used to its fullest potential.


Date: Thu, 14 Jan 1999 14:54:27 -0600

No I do not want Palwaukee airport closed from 10pm to 6am

R. Steinbrecher - ClaudRich@aol.com

Date: Fri, 15 Jan 1999 21:13:56 EST

The airport should close between 10 P.M. and 6A.M. I have to conduct my business activities according to village law between 6A.M. and 7P.M. Monday through Saturday. No work is allowed on Sunday. This is due to noise concerns. The same should apply to that airport that the village lets due anything it wants. Our fine Village of Wheeling president teaches at Holmes school where HUGE jets fly 100 feet over the school roof. Does he care about our childrens safety????? I will move out of Wheeling before my children become old enough to go to Holmes. Why is that airport put ahead of the safety and comfort of the residents?? Klatecki himself lives under the flight path. Is he in Priester's pocket?


Date: Fri, 15 Jan 1999 17:45:44 -0600

To Whom It May Concern:

Close Palwaukee Airport at night? Absolutely NOT! This airport is way too important. It is one of the top 20 general aviation airports in the country and the third busiest in Illinois. In order to be legally current for a pilot to fly at night, we are required by Federal Aviation Regulations to practice takeoffs and landings at night. Night is defined as one hour after sunset by the FAA. During the summer, when the sun can set after 8:45 local time, we would only have fifteen minutes in which to complete our required currency flights. This is a Federal Regulation that is designed to promote aviation safety. Limiting pilots by closing the airport and forbidding them to practice their required night takeoffs and landings would significantly interfere with aviation safety.


Dean J. Ellis, President - dean@windycityflyers.com

Sat, 16 Jan 1999 16:23:48 -0500

Dean J. Ellis
President Windy City Flyers
Your concerns as a flight instructor is quite understandable.

Consider however, the concern of the over l600 petitioners, (registered voters) who demand this effective curfew. The roar of the monster jets during the wee hours of the night and morning makes windows rattle, and shakes people out of bed. Remember the first concern of Prospect Heights and Wheeling , the actual airport owners, is the constitutional right of its citizens.

There are now over 75 airports throughout the U.S. who do have similar restrictions.In most cases, they are far more stringent.

I'm sure we could find some reasonable accomodation for your students.

Come to our next meeting at Quincy Mgmt. 542 E. Old Willow Road Prospect Heights, at 7:30, and lets talk.

Mickey Gilbert Co-chairman, CASE

Sat, 16 Jan 1999 15:32:04 -0500

Now that we've heard from the president and vice president of the Palwaukee Airport Pilots Association as well as a few pilots, how about a few words from the people who live under the screechingly "quiet" planes that wake us up in the middle of the night.
The "valuable asset" is profitable only to the businesses that operate there. All airport revenues must stay within the airport system, by federal law. Wheeling and Prospect Heights receive not a penny of it.
If the airport is so safe, why did a large corporate jet crash 20 feet from a heavily populated residential complex?
There are many publicly funded airports that have imposed curfews. Go the this Boeing web site, scroll down to "United States," and see all of them. You'll also see all kinds of other noise regulations that restrict planes from flying over residential areas (with fines imposed for violations). You'll also see certain aircraft that are banned.
Airplanes weighing under 70,000 lbs. are not subject to the stage 3 mandates. Those loud suckers are going to be at Palwaukee for many, many years.
You think there are only "one or two individuals" who are concerned, but we have signatures of over 1,600 registered voters living here who are equally concerned.
Doesn't it seem incredible that an airport sitting on a tiny strip of land, surrounded by residences, businesses, and roads, is the 4th busiest (DuPage is now 3rd) in the State? What could our elected officials been thinking when they gave up control of this airport that threatens the safety and welfare of their citizens?
The fact that pilots would not be able to practice takeoffs and landings during the longest days of summer, would be an inconvenience. But it's certainly better than disturing hundreds of people who live under the flight path. Why should the pilots' needs take precedence over the needs of the residents?
To all the folks out there who are sick of the inaction of your elected officials regarding Palwaukee, let's make those officials accountable.
Use this forum to let your voice be heard. Tell your friends and neighbors to do the same. If they don't have a computer at home, our wonderful Indian Trails Public Library has computers they can use.
Tell your elected officials to take action. Nothing less will do. You can be sure they will see your comments!
Ask the candidates running for local office in the next election where they stand concerning Palwaukee.
Share your ideas for solutions at a CASE meeting. We meet the 3rd Thursday of each month at Quincy Park Management office, 542 E. Old Willow Rd., Prospect Heights.

Jackie Gilbert

Tue, 19 Jan 1999 21:11:30 +0000

The airport hours should not be restricted. It provides a vital service to the community.

Diane M. Cozzi - dcozzi@ameritech.net

Wed, 20 Jan 1999 12:04:58 EST

Put my vote for keeping the airport open 24 hours a day as are all the other suburban airports in the Chicago area as well as almost all of the airports in the country.

Thank you.


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