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Byte Me! Computer Sales and Service, Inc.
Byte Me! Computer Sales and Service, Inc.

Computers / Websites
714 East Northwest Hwy.
Mount Prospect, IL 60056
(847) 670-9125
email: Tom@bytemeusa.com

Ken Zaretzky & Associates
Custom Website Design
Custom Graphics
CGI Scripting
Contract Programming
Phone: 847-541-7417
E-mail: ken@zaretzky.com

Kornick Consulting, Inc.
Information Technologists
Philip H. Kornik
354 Beech Drive
Wheeling, IL. 60090-6238
Phone: 847-541-1145
Fax: 847-459-1971
E-mail: krncnsinc@aol.com

Kracom Computer Services Inc.
646 Ash Lane
Voice: 847-590-0250
Fax: 847-590-9182

Netcomp, Inc
Netcomp, Inc. is a technology solutions consulting company providing innovative Internet web application/e-commerce development, network setup/support and integrated office/database software solutions by accessing strategic resources and products that lead to real-world solutions.
20446 N. Rand Rd. - Palatine - 60074
Voice: 847-550-1128

Turnkey Network Systems, Inc.
High-end Data Communications
210 S. Milwaukee Avenue

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