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The Historian's Role

Knowledge is born of experience
Experience recorded is history
Accumulatively these records unveil
Answers to part of life's mystery.
Heritage is fed by these records
And pride in the past kept alive
To give direction to those who may follow
and engender the will to survive.
If the future is to be expanded
The foundation on which it is laid
Must be the great truths of history
If real progress is to be made.
And so we salute the historians
Who document the rise and the fall
And the events of peoples and nations
To enrich the lives of us all.
Written and dedicated to the members of the wheeling
Historical Society on August 26, 1967, by Glenn Oaks

Wheeling Historical Society Village Hall
Wheeling Historical Society Wheeling's original Village Hall, erected in 1894,
now serving as the headquarters and Museum
of the Wheeling Historical Society
401 South Milwaukee Avenue Suite 240
Wheeling Illinois 60090

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