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Help Whitman
Help the Environment

Donít throw out those used-up
ink jet cartridges!

Whitman School and EnviroSmart ask your help in recycling popular inkjet cartridges. For many brands of inkjet cartridges we send in, EnviroSmart pays Whitman School fifty cents ($.50). This money will help purchase and support technology at Whitman School.

It's easy to get families involved in this effort, both at home and at work--just send in cartridges from anywhere. There's no cost, either; Whitman supplies preaddressed, prepaid envelopes (available just inside the door in Whitman's LMC) that are coded so our school will get credit. Take a couple the next time you visit. When replacing an inkjet cartridge, keep the box and stick the old cartridge in it. Then put the box into the mailing envelope and drop it in any mailbox.

Every cartridge you recycle is one more cartridge that doesn't end up in a landfill. It's a great way to help your school and the environment at the same time. Whitman and its students thank you for your support.

Wheeling.com winner of the Chamber of Commerce
"Business of the year" award!

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