September 21st cleanup tally

September 21st cleanup photos

Update (6/15)

South Beach is an unpolished gem, just waiting to be made into a safe and beautiful park.

After one year of talks with the Navy, I have reached an agreement to clean-up the beach, plant trees, and add benches.

This must be done at no cost to the Navy.

In exchange for the above donated (by us) services, the Navy will allow us access to the beach!

Please help out by donating $100-$1000 to help make this possible.

We had a Fort-wide spring cleaning on "Earthday weekend" Sat April 20th. This included a South Beach clean-up.

Please call me for info, or to help out.

Thanks for your interest in helping to beautify & open up South Beach.


Gary Cohn

To view a South Beach panorama, visit Virtual Tours and select Tour #4.