"Our Town" Needs You!

You've no doubt noticed some of the exciting things happening in and around Highwood these days.  The new Walgreens is underway, various properties have been sold for development and some long-time landlords are beginning to upgrade their properties, including the transformation of second floor apartments into office space.   This year, more businesses than ever before have decorated their establishments with Holiday lights.

Much of this progress can be credited to the ongoing efforts of the City of Highwood.  But behind the scenes, another grassroots organization has also been working with the city to gradually transform Highwood into the type of community we all envision it becoming one day… a thriving, quaint, lakeside town that we can all be proud of and enjoy.

Our Town Highwood, Inc., a member of the Main Street National Network, was established to preserve the small town character of Highwood, stimulate economic development, encourage cooperation between businesses and the community, and create a positive image for Highwood's prosperity.

As the organization enters its second year of efforts on the town's behalf, we are asking for you to get involved.  Many of you possess the skills, drive and desire to advance the interests of our community.  Please consider volunteering your time and effort in one of the following areas:  Promotion, Design, Economic Restructuring, Nominations or Membership.

Highwood is on its way… help shape the course of its future!

Get involved today by contacting Larry Sassorossi, Executive Director at: 

847-432-7121 or 847-902-3200.

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Ourtown Highwood Inc.
17 Highwood Ave
P.O. Box 66
Highwood Illinois

847-432-7121   Fax 433-2100

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