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Is Palwaukee Airport Expansion a concern of yours? Does the noise or safety of the airport cause you concern? We are looking for volunteers to help us pass a petition asking for two referendums to be placed on the ballot in the November 1998 Election. One deals with the size of the planes using Palwaukee and the other deals with closing the airport when the tower is not manned. If you are a registered voter in Wheeling, and can help us gather signatures in your neighborhood, please notify Laurel Anderson, 537-2593 or Mike at the CASE Hotline (312) 409-9305. We appreciate your help. Let's work together and we can make a difference!

Citizens for Airport Safety & Environment (CASE)

Are you concerned that:

according to State and Federal law, all Palwaukee Airport generated revenues must be returned to Palwaukee Airport or the airport system? Not one penny of these revenues goes to the Village of Wheeling or City of Prospect Heights, who co-own this airport.

YOUR Federal tax dollars pay for 90% of all improvements and expansions at this airport, and YOUR State tax dollars pay for 5%, with the final 5% coming from the revenues generated by Palwaukee Airport?

the FAA has granted over 16 waivers to their own safety standards that protected you?

future plans will permit larger jets, with international capabilities to fly over your house when using Palwaukee Airport?

airport officials desire to significantly increase corporate jet traffic at this airport? Palwaukee could handle at least 100,000 more operations each year.

there is still talk about extending the largest runway at Palwaukee by up to 650 feet when this runway is widened?

Palwaukee jets disturb your conversations during the day or shock you out of bed at 3:00 in the morning?

Palwaukee jets take off in the middle of the night when the control tower is closed?

a large Palwaukee jet, loaded down with too much fuel, could crash in your neighborhood?

a large increase in Palwaukee jet noise will affect your property values?

IF YOU HAVE ANY CONCERNS ON THESE ISSUES, WE NEED TO TALK. Call Mike at our CASE Hotline, (312) 409-9305.

Our CASE group was formed after the terrible jet crash on October 30, 1996. We are a notfor-profit organization dedicated to minimizing the safety and noise problems from Palwaukee jets.

We are currently collecting signatures for petitions to get two referendum questions concerning Palwaukee Airport on the November 1998 election ballots of Prospect Heights and Wheeling.

If you would like to help collect signatures for these referendum issues - call us.

If you can't collect signatures, but would like to sign the petitions - call us.

If you want to be notified when Palwaukee issues are placed on the agendas of Wheeling or Prospect Heights - please call us.

Wheeling.com winner of the Chamber of Commerce
"Business of the year" award!

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