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Welcome Wagon Club of
Buffalo Grove/Wheeling

Welcome Wagon Club Activities

Activities for Women, Couples, Families, and Children:

Activities for Children:
Mom-N-Tots Days Special Holiday Parties
Babysitting Co-op

Activities For Women:
Book Discussion
Community Service & Charity
Mah Jongg
Evening Potluck Dinners
Holiday Parties
Monthly Dinners

Activites for Couples & Families:
Couple's Casual Dinners
Family Barbeques

  • Playgroups:
    are once a week
    This co-operative event is held in a volunteering member's home.
    Toys and refreshments are provided by the hostess.
    Many prospective members come to a playgroup to see other mothers share the same childraising experience.
  • Mom-n-Tot :
    Mothers and their children meet twice amonth for a special outing
  • Special Events
    This includes special playgroups for Halloween, Hanukah, Christmas
  • Baby-sitting Co-op
    The purpose of this groups is to pay other participating members to watch your children using "coupons" in lieu of money. Each coupon is worth 1/2 hour and every new interested mother is given 20 complimentary coupons.
  • Book Discussion:
    Under development - This group was so large three years ago, it broke away from the club. To no avail, we are finding this once popular event again.
  • Community Service & Charity:
    Past fundraising included raising funds to support:
    Women and Shelters
    Breast Cancer
    Teenage Help Centres

    Through the co-ordination of some of the following events:
    * entertainment books (which donate approx 20% of sales to the club)
    *benefit days with Dominick's and Jewel (donating 3-5% to the club)
    *assisting local shelters
    *restaurants donating 20% of your bill to the club
    *Noodle Kidoodle donating 10%
    *Garage Sale by Mail ($2 for 5 items)
    *Book and Bake Sale at Alcott Centre (during the indoor garage sale)
    * B.G. Days Parade - volunteering
    * Discovery Toy home party (10%)
    * Red Cross Stockings for children
    * clothes for the needy
    * Tupperware (donating 25-40%)
  • Mah Jongg:
    Match your strategies against new and old players. Weekly games are held for both beginners and advanced players.
    Advanced players - be prepared for the marathons!!!!
  • Evening Potluck Dinners:
    Three times a year the club meets to enjoy an evening without kids, husbands, phones, nagging, laundry, dishes and enjoy and evening with great company, laughter, gossip, "The Practice" discussions, Hollywood and more. Join us by bringing a potluck dish to enjoy (and don't forget the recipe), door prizes
  • Holiday Parties:
    An extension of the Potluck Dinner Night. Including door prizes is a secret $10 gift exchange to some of the favourite area businesses. A night of relief during Holiday Time. Sometimes we even have a cookie exchange!!
  • Monthly Dinners:
    A monthly visit to new and favourite area restaurants
  • Couple Casual Dinners
    Bring your husband (or not) enjoy a night out together.
  • Annual Summer Barbeque
    End the summer and our fiscal membership year with a barbeque for the whole family. Years past we have met at parks and at members homes. This is a lovely turnout for those who started mid-year and those who are oldtimers.

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    Community Service and Charity | News from Welcome Wagon International

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