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Wheeling 2000 and Beyond
Vision Statement
Wheeling Is:
  • A network of partnerships between governments and businesses, and among those entities responsible for providing educational, recreational and human care services.
  • A community with governments which are forward thinking, assertive and cohesive in response to issues affecting their residents and businesses.
  • A pro-business community of economic opportunity and growth with a vibrant and strong economy.
  • A community with a safe and healthy environment with its appearance reflecting the pride of its residents and businesses.
  • A diverse and inclusive community where all of its residents live in a state of harmony.

    These partnerships share resources, promote awareness, communication and understanding among the partners and work together to provide goods, services and employment opportunities, promote assimilation into the community and establish a mutual support system. These partnerships also extend into the broader community with whom they interact and reap the benefits of cooperation with the region, the state and the nation. As partners:

  • The governments are responsive and develop and implement coordinated comprehensive plans which meet the needs and expectations of the people, invite participation, improve access to social and human services for all its citizens and meet future challenges to develop and maintain a sound infrastructure, transportation and communication.
  • The residential and business community embraces the opportunity to provide, encourage and expect participation in lifelong learning by residents and employees of all ages.
  • The families, neighbors, friends and visitors gather to attend a variety of social, recreational and cultural celebrations.
  • The people with a strong sense of community, work together voluntarily at all levels resulting in a collective sense of investment, further enhancing the quality of life.
  • The community celebrates its diversity, respecting our varied cultural heritage and religious beliefs and modeling this for our children in our homes, businesses, region, and our nation.
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