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Individual Committee's Vision Summary
The Village of Wheeling will be a community recognized and studied by other communities throughout the country as a model because:

COMMUNITY SERVICES: The Village government will continue to coordinate and improve access to social and human services for all its' citizens.

ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT--COMMERCIAL/RETAIL: Existing business will take pride in ownership and in being an integral part ofthe community. Prospective businesses will view Wheeling as a place of economic opportunity and growth. The commercial portion of the tax base will augment needed funding for the village government, school districts, and park and library districts.

GOVERNMENT: The government has a specific plan to keep the feeling of the community while being aggressive enough to give all the advantages within reach. All governmental units will be communicating and cooperating, fostering greater participation among the people and businesses in Wheeling, thus enabling them to meet the needs and expectations of the people.

EDUCATION: Partnerships between both the public and private sector which promote and support the life long learning opportunities in Wheeling necessary to meet the challenges of the future.

COMMUNITY DIVERSITY/CULTURAL INTEGRATION: All residents of Wheeling will feel welcome and comfortable as members of the community regardless of their status.

ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT—LARGE CORPORATIONS: The Village of Wheeling understands and promotes the corporate environment. The Village together with business partners work towards improving the community and the economy. The public economic forum allows for the exchange of ideas, contributions and recognition within the Village. Corporations play an active role in the community by adhering to regulations while providing jobs, resources, expertise, training, materials, and financial contributions.

IMAGE AND PUBLIC RELATIONS: People who live inside and outside of Wheeling recognize our Village as being a first-class community; appreciate the outstanding reputation of our public services and institutions (schools, park district, govelnlllental and social agencies); are stirred by our beautiful physical appearance; value and are envious of our warm, spirited, and culturally diverse populace; and are impressed with the strength and depth of our industrial and commercial sectors.

INFRASTRUCTURE: Wheeling's infrastructure are those physical assets that facilitate services being provided. Those assets are an essential base upon which services are built. Infrastructure requires coordination and cooperation both within the community among governments and with neighboring communities in regional infrastructure ranging from roads and airports to bike paths, water, wastewater, stormwater, and solid waste. We place a high regard on quality and a beautiful environment, realizing that infrastructure is the foundation upon which a community is built.

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