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Committee Rosters

A special thanks goes out to all the committee members listed. Collectively, they devoted over 4,000 hours to researching materials, attending presentations, interviewing local and reg~onal experts, and participating in numerous committee meetings.

Community Services

Shari Matthews-Huizar
George Hernandez, Co-Chair
Pat Sordyl
Jane Haeger
Bob Todd
Dolly Snyders
Andy Snyders
Julie Flanagan
Don Hammer

Community Diversity/Cultural Integration

Bill Maloney, Chairperson
Jackie Sanchez, Co-Chairperson
Sharon Schomer, Administrator
Rev. Cynthia Holder-Rich
Linda Fijalkowski
Nerys Hury
Donna Jones
Michael Kleinkemper
Sheetal Nayak
Walter Chuquimia

Economic Development- Large Corporations

Minerva Solano, Chairperson
John Flanagan, Co- Chairperson
Don Augustine, Secretary
Judy Abruscato
Tim Litner
Glen Meier
Pat Morey


Kelvin Lane, Chairperson
Virginia Isherwood, Co -Chairperson
Karen Bass
Linda Birnbaum
Cheryl Brandt
Marge Brower
Rich Cherico
Linda Claver
Marge Dziurgot
Elaine Gibson
Greg Klatecki
Dawn Olan
Grant Olan
Lori Rataczak
Chris Reading
John Schomer
Frank Solano
Julia Walsh


John Iverson -Chairperson
Pat Drewes - Co-Chairperson
Bill Paar -Past-Chairperson
Paul Philipp
Terry Steilen
Gary Hittleman
Gary Cohn

Image and Public Relations

Avi Poster, Chairperson
Dave Cantwell, Co-Chairperson
Marilyn Chromy
Jan D'Argo
Pam Dorband
Alan Johnson
Jeanne Selander
Alan Sherman
Diane Siles
Steve Walanka

Economic Development Retail/Commercial

Richard Goldberg, Chairperson
Stuart Shapiro, Co-Chairperson
Christine Dolgopol, Steering Committee
Frank D'Angelo
Anne Rogers
Bill Rogers
Robert Heer
Mae Schwab
Denise Kennedy
Ben Kutscheid
Jackie Pollack


Dave Phillips -Chairperson
Tom Murray -Co-Chairperson
Pat Armitage
Mike Cooper
Elizabeth Hartman
Roger Kizior
Lou Kolssak
Dan Lingevitch
Mary Ellen Mattson
Robert Osborne
Janice Reid
Ken Swanson

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