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1. Exploration of alternative sources of tax revenue that do not put the burden on fixed incomes.
2. Clean-up and refinement of existing zoning codes.
3. Redefinition of qualifications for zoning board members that will eliminate or decrease the political nature of the board.
4. The coordination of a land use plan.
5. Increase of crime prevention education.
6. Expansion of problem oriented policing.
7. Balancing of responsibilities and rights.
8. Adoption of a zero tolerance policy pertaining to guns, gangs, and graffiti.
9. System for the simplification and classification of ordinances.
10. Emphasis on the prudent coordination of and communication between government agencies within and outside of the Village.
11. The communication of the Village Strategy with neighboring communities.
12. Improve the accessibility and dissemination of information to the citizens.
13. Change the format of broadcast Board and Commission meetings to maximize interest.
14. Use of cable TV as the primary means of communicating to the residents.
15. Promotion of communications within the Village through questionnaires and surveys.
16. Construction of a building housing the historical information and current events of Wheeling.
17. Creation of a strong open space ordinance to accommodate recreation, improve all means of transportation and generate revenue.

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