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Image and Public Relations

The Image and Public Relations Committee strongly recommends that two important plans need to be developed, shared, and implemented.

1. A comprehensive, well defined, aggressive, professionally designed public relations and communications plan that all agencies in our village will be committed to implementing; a plan that celebrates our strengths and extols the benefits in a rich, diverse community such as is ours.

  • The image of Wheeling needs to be focused on our strengths and character as well as help celebrate who we are. As does communities like Oak Park, we need to acknowledge who we are and what we have to offer, while at the same time let others know that we want people to move to Wheeling who recognize and value our diversity and character.

  • A well defined public relations effort would capture the essence of what we are all about and what it is we want to achieve. Slogans could be adopted that clearly communicate our beliefs, e.g. "a slice ofthe city in a suburban setting" or "an urban experience with suburban amenities."

  • All village personnel must be encouraged, expected, and trained to deliver a positive approach to communicating with the public as well as to help create a community spirit second to none. Aggressive advertising and promotional campaigns should be developed that promote our village, e.g. a "Living in Wheeling" campaign.

  • Wheeling 2000 should sponsor an open forum for all community residents to participate in and hear reports from the various 2000 committees. This form could be organized in the form of a Design and Report Charette (round-robin format). Potential developers and members ofthe business community would be invited to attend along with the public. The Image and Public Relations Committee would be willing to help organize this event. attend along with the public. The Image and Public Relations Committee would be willing to help organize this event.

  • Biannual Town Meetings should be organized to provide constituents with updates on the progress being made towards meeting both of our identified plans, as well as to solicit opinion and recruit assistance from residents.

  • Production and more frequent distribution of professionally developed newsletters, cable television shows, video tape, targeted brochures, and other communication vehicles will enhance communication and increase community pride.

  • A band shell should be erected on the lawn adjacent to Village Hall for the purpose of hosting summer events, concerts, and local performances.

  • Given their first-class computer and gym facilities, schools should be kept open for residents to use at night, on weekends, on national holidays, as well as during the summer.

  • Commercials and/or infomercials about Wheeling could be aired on cable and/or commercial TV. The precedent for doing this was established recently by other suburbs interested in recruiting new business and attracting new residents.

  • Weekend Learning Academies could be organized at one of our schools during which information and instruction could be shared. Residents could pick from a variety of offerings such as seminars on retirement or income tax, classes on current events or history; business-related lectures, leisure time and hobby training, etc.

  • We believe strongly that Wheeling should be host to major celebrations and events, the purpose being to bring members of our own community together, to promote civic pride, and bring positive attention to our community. A well organized and promoted Children's Festival or Cultural Festival would be of interest and benefit to both residents in and around Wheeling and would help to change how Wheeling is viewed by some.

  • Hire a Public Information Officer and/or a Special Events Coordinator to accomplish the above. These could either be full-time positions, or shared positions with other governmental agencies.

  • The history of Wheeling should be taught in our schools as part of our Social Studies curricula.

  • A Professional Directory should be published identifying the occupations of Wheeling residents. Residents could be encouraged to patronize businesses owned by neighbors. A Professional Directory would help communicate that our community has its share or professionals residing in it.

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