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Image and Public Relations (continued)

The Image and Public Relations Committee strongly recommends that two important plans need to be developed, shared, and implemented.

2. A well defined, detailed plan that clearly depicts the Wheeling ofthe future must be developed. All village agencies, as well as our business community, must be committed to its implementation. This plan should be shared with the public and with developers interested in investing in our community.

  • The creation of a modern town center adjacent to the new train station should be adopted. Given the open space on both sides of Dundee and the proximity of Village Hall and the Community Recreation Center, this is the ideal location for establishing our town center. A plan for the development of this area should include the property and strip malls along Dundee Road both east and west of the station, as well as take into consideration maintaining of the land along the drainage canal north of Dundee as open, recreational space.

  • A more cooperative relationship between the village and our business community must be developed. The Village needs to take a more aggressive position relative to recruiting and supporting retail business. The development of a business alliance committed to Wheeling is a necessity. A dynamic, charismatic professional should be appointed as liaison to our business community and charged with recruiting new business to our town and helping existing business to flourish.

  • Stronger appearance standards must be developed and enforced if we are to turn Wheeling into a first-class looking community. Local businesses should be helped to meet these standards, financially if necessary, rather than made to feel impeded by them.

  • A dramatic improvement of the appearance and function of the Milwaukee Road corridor is a necessity. Our suggestion is that Milwauikee Avenue be given an "Old English" motif, that we develop a River Walk behind the Restaurant Row area, and that an effort be made to attract new retail and entertainment establishments. The development of the northwest corner of Milwaukee and Dundee provides us with an outstanding opportunity to begin this effort. An entertainment venue or cultural center should be considered, along with other viable uses of this corner.

  • Extensive aesthetic improvements along Dundee Road and other major thoroughfares in the village should be a priority, including, but not limited to, improved lighting, remodeled frontages, and extensive landscaping.

  • We recommend the installation of a modern signage system along Dundee Road and other thoroughfares celebrating the highlights of our community and including a dramatic, arched gateway at the corner of Milwaukee and Dundee, and a similar gateway at the west end of the village. In addition, the pedestrian bridge over Dundee Road by London Middle School is in need of painting and remodeling, especially given that it is in view of all who travel through our village.

  • Improvement of the appearance of shopping centers in the village, particularly Dunhurst and others along main thoroughfares, is an absolute necessity.

  • A directory of businesses and retail outlets in Wheeling should be published and shared with all Wheeling residents as part of a "buy and eat in Wheeling" campaign.

  • Social issues must be aggressively addressed in a positive, proactive, preventative manner if indeed we hope to develop a sense of community. A Human Relations Officer could be appointed to do this as well as to help residents solve problems and disputes.

  • Our committee recognizes the important role Chevy Chase has played in our community and supports efforts to remodel and maintain it as a community landmark and meeting place.

  • The recommendations listed above were designed to help drive and implement two identified plans. Successful implementation will require expanded and improved cooperative efforts between all community governmental agencies, as well as an increased amount of volunteerism from the community. While these recommendations have been condensed for this Executive Summary, they are delineated in more depth in our Summative Report.

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